Friday, October 06, 2006

Dearly Departing

Departure Area
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Dear you,

so long have i not heard from you and once again you invade my present. I am perturbed, to put it lightly. Perhaps this too shall pass, along with the every-eccentric wave of emotion awashing me this time of the month. As the song palys on and on in the background, it's me , it's you... damn it.

Farewell seemed too hurtful, and goodbye was never an option, for here you are again, making me waste my time blogging this crap. Hello isn't exactly what i was going to say, there is so much to say instead of that. But is talking really the solution? Will it take us to where we want to be? I dare not even ponder on that.

So there, dear, i say it. how now, brown cow?

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